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Kyiv mobile and telephone

You have several options to make international calls from Kiev. One of these options is using public phones. In order to use a public phone, you need a phone card that can be purchased at any postal office and some stores. Long distance calls in Ukraine are operated by Ukrainian Telecommunications, or shortly Utel. Utel telephones are located in the city's major hotels, restaurants, stores and other places. Visitors to Kiev can also buy a cellular phone with a SIM card and use it for both domestic and international calls. If you stay at a hotel you can make international calls from there. As a rule, such calls are much more expensive Kiev than using a phone card. However, it is better to ask a receptionist about the procedure and fee for service that can vary from $7 to $15 per minute. Another option you can use, only provided that your telepKiev has a tone dial, is IP telephony cards, which are very popular and can be bought almost in every stall. IP telephony cards are also sold in postal offices throughout the city. To call with such cards is a much cheaper option.

Dialing rules

To call from another country or mobile phone to Kiev you dial +38044 XXXXXXX.
To call from another city of Ukraine from public call-box or standard phone dial 11 digits - 8044 XXXXXXX.
When you are in Kiev you can call abroad by dialing 8-10-country code-city code-phone number(wait for Kiev continuous signal after dialing 8).
You can visit to get more information about the procedure of placing a call.


Mobil, or cell telephones, in Ukraine are not like they are back home. Most people here have them but can not afford mobile telephones and it is extremely important that you know how the system works here before you make a purchase of a telephone in Kiev Ukraine.


There are three mobile phone operators in the city:

UMC - most stable network.

Jeans (the site only in Ukrainian) - cheapest prices, 1 UHR($0.19)/min for calls to mobiles, 2.50 UHR($0.48)/min to standard phones. Super Jeans package offers calls to any phone in Ukraine for 1.25 UHR per minute ($0.24).


In October 2003 all mobile telephone incoming calls became free. This is very important because your Ukrainian friends probably can not afford to make a call but will be very happy to receive a call from you.

Outgoing tariffs are around $0.25 per minute but can be as little as $0.10 if you call the same phone company as you use. Please see details at sites of the companies.

Vouchers can be bought in any supermarket.

You can send free SMS to mobiles using the following URLs:

+38050 XXXXXXX -

+38066 XXXXXXX -

+38067 XXXXXXX -

Public call-boxeKieveasily found in the center of the city but they are rarer at the outskirts.

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